Founded over a decade ago, The NINEMIRE GROUP’s sole purpose is creating the healthiest turf possible. Over the years, The NINEMIRE GROUP has drawn upon its agronomic expertise to successfully serve thousands of golf courses, tracks and stadiums worldwide. The company is unmatched in its ability to predict the future of any turf, based upon current agronomic factors and future applied solutions.

The NINEMIRE GROUP employs an end-to-end approach to ensure the optimal health of the turf for many of the top American and International golf courses and small private 18 hole courses alike. The NINEMIRE GROUP gives your greens the expert attention you need to provide you with the healthiest turf for years to come.

Over the years, The NINEMIRE GROUP has worked to develop custom tools that give you detailed insight into the health of your greens. The resources put to use for you when you work with The NINEMIRE GROUP, from both a technical perspective as well as a experience standpoint, are unparalleled.

Founded: 1996
Headquaters: Prosper, TX
Agronomic Specialty: Golf

• Custom Analytical tools to monitor health of greens

• Analytic tests to ensure data-driven nutrition plans

• Results that you can see

Steve Ninemire

Steve Ninemire is the founder, president and chief agronomist for The NINEMIRE GROUP, headquartered in Prosper, Texas. Having earned his Bachelor degree in agriculture and business from Texas A&M-Commerce, Mr. Ninemire founded The NINEMIRE GROUP to focus on finding innovative, real-time solutions to agronomic problems facing golf courses.

Mr. Ninemire has been instrumental in developing widely accepted agronomic systems and philosophies dealing with irrigation sources that have high salinity and/or overall poor quality. He is a contributing author to many industry publications and is a frequent keynote speaker for the turfgrass and irrigation industries and golf courses superintendent associations worldwide.

Steve Ninemire